Hi Everyone, Sorry I took so long to organize this information--it's been a hectic few weeks. Here's where we stand from your posts:
--many of us have Family Tree Maker, a ged.com compatible software program
--Helen Arnold has a scanner and has offered to scan photographs into the Family Tree files to complete the pedigrees.
--Christine and Allie have a new UNLIMITED web site and have offered to post the peds when we're ready. I'll e-mail FTM to see what their policies are re dog pedigrees. They collect the people ones and put them on CD-Roms (then sell them). I don't want us to go too far then find out they'll object.
--Barbara Schneider has a great site with peds and photographs for Serendipity Airedales. We might use it as a model.
--I've e-mailed Steve Dwyer, who has posted incredible historical info on the list. I've asked him to join us or serve as a consultant.
--Sidnie Hardie suggested calling Nancy Anderson, the ATCA historian,
to check if she's peds and in what format. I'll call today.
Here's what we need to work on and decide:
--do we all have Family Tree Maker or a ged.com compatible program? Can you let me know what you have? We need to choose one format.
--several of us have The New Airedale Terrier and have begun entering pedigrees from it into Family Tree Maker. I have e-mailed Janet Johnson Framke to ask her permission to use the book in this way.
I'm wondering if starting with this book might be the easiest thing to do. We could enter all the peds in the book, see how we're doing, then ask people for other peds. With the peds in the book as a foundation, branching out would be easy, I think. Does that sound alright? I think people will be more likely to share peds with us once they see what we're about...
We'll need to decide who's entering what quickly to avoid duplication. Does anyone have any preferences? Can you e-mail me with what you have entered and what you would like to enter? I can then sort them out by chapters, subtitles, whatever. For people who don't have the book, we can snail mail them pages at a time, if they'd like.
--proofreading. I think we'd be smart to start a system in which one enters, another proofreads. Some of you have a great deal of experience with peds, others like myself do not. Then there's the actual typing... If you have a preference (typing vs. proofreading), let me know. I'm willing to do both.
Well, this post is a long start. Sorry. Once we get these things set, we should be off and running. If you can answer the questions, I'll compile the answers and e-mail them to you.


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