Mighty Hunters

I am not sure what I am raising! I always heard that airedales were supposed to be rodent hunters. Now I don't like mice, actually I am scared to death of them, and they are not invited to move into my house. There are some mice that don't seem to understand this. It is cold out, I live in an old farmhouse and they can find plenty of entrances. What they don't realize is they lose their life as soon as I spot them. Well, yesterday Otis was barking at his dishes. They are raised off the floor and the dog food is in a big can underneath. So I thought, well, he isn't hungry, he just ate, maybe he dropped a toy behind here. So I moved the can. Well...a mouse ran out, Otis just looked, Milo was sleeping, and I screamed bloody murder. The mouse didn't know where to go, so he was running all around looking for an exit. I thought he was chasing me, so I am hopping from chair to table screaming. I screamed so loud that both my "rodent hunters" went flying into the bedroom and stood in the doorway peering around the corner. Now I'm really shook up and I'm screaming at Otis..."Will you get out here and catch this thing!!!" They continued to very cautiously peer around the corner!! The mouse finally found an exit underneath my stove. Neither dog showed any interest. Well, I went to the store and bought mouse traps and the peanut butter. While I unpacked the groceries, Milo stole the peanut butter, Opened it by himself, and proceeded to eat about 2 inches of it before he got caught. The fact that his beard was coated with peanut butter had something to do with him getting caught!! Then I proceeded to cook dinner. When I finally went to bed, in the wee hours of the AM, I set the traps and turned out the light. Not 2 seconds after I turned out the light the mouse got caught. This means he was under my stove watching me all night!!!! EEEEKKKKK!! Now shouldn't a normal airedale have sensed that, smelled him or something???? Then today, after a big ice storm, Milo found a dead mouse outside. He was tossing it through the air, when I realized what he had. So what does he do?? He eats it!!! Will a mouse hurt a dog if they eat it? Will they digest it?? Is it gonna come out whole??? This is the same wonderful dog that always has to kiss mom!!! Once again...Otis wouldn't do such a thing!!!! If anyone knows anything about digesting mice, please tell me as I am hysterical just knowing that my wonderful dog has a mouse inside of him!

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