donations to the Friends of Airedales Memorial Fund be sent to:

Sally Babcock
11469 Olive, Suite 163
St. Louis MO 63141

When making donations to the Fund, please include a note with the name & address of the family who owned the dog, and the dog's name. Or e-mail the information to Sally at: All donations will be acknowledged with a specially designed card that Sally has created (truly a collector's item) and will be forwarded to the national Rescue Treasurer to assist other Airedales in need. All checks for donations, whether to general Rescue or the Friends of Airedales Memorial Fund, should be made out to Airedale Rescue.
General donations should be sent to:

Sarah Bullock
ATCA Rescue Treasurer
201 Hampshire Drive
Deptford NM 08098-4250

Also know that we appreciate "in kind" donations: shipping crates, crate pads and the like that can be used by whoever needs them. 

Regional Rescue Folks are listed here.

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