Oh my! Obedience training terriers- what fun!! I had an Airedale many years ago, and dutifully took her to obedience school. After three weeks of daily practice she would look at me with total incomprehension when I gave a command. Oh, how sad! A poor learning disabled dog. But she was mine and I loved her so I kept at it hoping she could learn something. One day we were practicing and out of the clear blue she did everything perfectly and then every single item with silent commands, again perfectly. Have you ever seen your dog laugh at you?? She thought it was hilarious. She had know what I was saying all along but was going to out-stubborn me. And would actually obey commands thereafter most of the time. One day she did a down from a dead run with a silent command. And the car racing towards her missed her by a few inches. I cried- a lot. And hugged her.

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