ChristineJune 88 to May 98Christine: I, was born in June of 1988 in Oregon. I am a really sweet thing, I don't like to be known as a dog and am a quick learner, although I have never played with toys like Allie and my other brothers and sisters and other relatives. I truly love to have a 'chewie' (rawhide chip) every day and will really get excited when the driver guy says  it is time to go for a ride. I love to sit up in the seat and look out the windshield, in fact I rarely ride anywhere else besides in MY seat.. The housekeeper dude says I snores really loud unless I am sleeping with my paws over my nose covering up my eyes. I am starting to limp really bad on my right front leg which I hurt as a puppy. But I can still climb up the steep stairs to sleep in my own double bed (my idea of  a dog bed) every night. In the winter time I like to sleep with the housekeeper guy- he has a electric mattress pad and keeps my side really warm for me.